Jan. 15th, 2010 06:49 pm
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Lush has its annual sale still going although I think it ends very soon. I had to exchange hair gel (the only product I don't like!) so I got a head start on the discounting. ;) Here's what I bought:

Big Tease (Return): -$16.85
Imperialis Cream: $21.95
Godiva Shampoo Bar: $9.45
Figs & Leaves Soap: $14.69
13 Soap (Unlucky for Dirt): -$13.83
Snowcake Soap: -$13.04
Angels Delight Soap: $15.87
I Should Coco Soap: -$15.12
Father Frost Soap: -$15.26

Subtotal: $45.11
Tax: $4.29
Total: $49.40

Not bad at all! I needed moisturizer (that's the Imperialis) and shampoo so the soap was just a bonus, really. ^_^
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Today I had to take a client to the airport so I had some time to kill before picking up Sophia. I hit the Goodwill in Ballard which is usually a great place. It paid off. Not only did I pick up a few pairs of cute jeans and shirts for Sophia, but I scored three purses. And not just any purses. Designer purses.


A motherfucking Burberry, y'all!

How much did this cost me? $40? No. $20? Not a chance. Okay, okay. $10? Not even! $3.99. That's right. Four bucks for a Burberry! And it looks like it's authentic, too. Not like that jacked up stupid ass fake Kate Spade I bought once.

I thought about putting the Burberry last but I'm too excited about it!

Next up is a sweet purse from Kenneth Cole Reaction that will look much better once my crap goes inside of it to fill it out. This one was also $3.99!!

Finally, I got this cute purse by Guess for $3.00 (half off $5.99). First of all, the Burberry and Kenneth Cole purses had regular prices of $3.99 which blows my mind that a purse by Guess would cost more had it not been a blue tag day. I mean, WTF? I'm thanking my lucky stars, though. Anyway, here's the last one:

I initially got a tip from my friend, Tobie, who found a designer purse there as well. I can't remember what brand she found but she told me to look in this store particularly. Since then, I always examine the purses there carefully.

When I next sport these cute purses you know I'm going to be chuckling to myself because instead of spending hundreds of dollars for them, I got them on the cheap!

Meal Plan

Mar. 8th, 2009 12:23 pm
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Chicken Thighs
Brown Rice
Mixed Vegetables

Roasted Asparagus
Mashed Potatoes (from a box)

Roasted Chicken
Sweet Potatoes

Brown Rice

Pot Roast
Sweet Potatoes

Chicken Thighs
Green Beans

Pasta with Italian Sausage
Garlic Toast

Mashed Potatoes (Sweet Potato for me)

Shopping List )

Bacon Salt

Feb. 19th, 2009 07:14 pm
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I just bought three containers of Bacon Salt off For $2.50 each (plus $5 shipping for all three) it seemed like a reasonable deal to me. I got one of each flavor: original, hickory, and peppered. They're zero calorie, vegetarian, AND kosher. How can it be bad?
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It's very serious... )

Finally, this is a photo of all the Lush stuff I have bought in the past two days. This is not including the items I bought online. Eep! The only saving grace is the good sale. Ever since I discovered Lush in January of this year (2008) I have been waiting for this sale event! Stocking up is a good thing.

I swear I will not step foot in a Lush store for at least one month...!
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Here are the items that were in my Lush boxes! )

Dang...I need to take a bath now!!


Dec. 14th, 2008 04:12 pm
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I got a note back from Amazon regarding the $35 price drop:

I am sorry, I understand you may have taken advantage of a 30-day price guarantee policy in the past. However, that policy was discontinued on September 1, 2008.

No, I hadn't taken advantage of the price guarantee before but that's okay. They did say I was free to return and re-order it. I am not going to do that for just $35 because Amazon's prices on this camera were the best I could find both on the internet and in B&M stores.

Anyway, I'm posting this more for the PSA for the discontinuation of their policy.
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The saga continues. I was thinking it would be tomorrow until I received a reply!

Dear Ms. P,

Thank you for contacting Omaha Steaks. We apologize for any

As stated in the free item promotions, the free items cannot be combined
with any other offer.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us or contact
us at 1-800-329-6500. Thank you.


Omaha Steaks Customer Care

Like hell I'm going to call them. I wrote them back and copied in the BBB again.

Ms. D,

Rest assured this will be my final order with your company. I will also tell my friends. I also have an internet cooking blog where I will post this transaction. Your website print is very misleading and deceptive; I do not appreciate your practices. YOUR computer system allowed this order to not only go through at the time I placed the order but it was also confirmed. It is not my fault your computer system allowed this despite anything your so-called restrictions may state.

Please escalate to the highest manager available. I am not satisfied with your response.

(Crap. Forgot to sign my name.)
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On Friday I thought I was having a psychic moment. I thought about the thrift store near work (I work in a very well-to-do location) and wondered if they, perhaps, had any Fiesta dishes. I walked in and saw something that looked, from a distance, like Fiestaware! I thought, "Wow! Psychic powers: activate!" But, sadly, upon closer inspection I found it was not the real deal. I decided to look around the store more. They have a very small kitchen section but imagine my delight when I saw this little beauty sitting on the shelf:

I immediately thought of [ profile] dulamae and then thought how I don't really have a lot of cute serving dishes. I do have two Pyrex casserole dishes but they're clear glass and definitely not as classy as this. I may have stumbled into an addiction. Luckily, this only cost me $1.50 which is totally cheap for a great 1.5 quart casserole dish.

ETA: Um, holy shit. It appears this is from 1957. Is that right? Also, it didn't come with a lid. Looking at this website it reminded me of the Pyrex lids and I remember not liking them very much when I was a kid.

Also, I should document a couple of meals here. )


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