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Jan. 4th, 2009 06:44 pm
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Our Sunday dinner turned out great! Come visit my blog for more information.

The wine with dinner tonight was Willow Crest's 2006 Pinot Gris. It's a decent enough wine and best paired with food. It went with the pork very well. For about $12 you could definitely do much worse. I only had about a glass and a half, since I didn't want to overdo it! ^_^
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Sorry for post spam. I have one more in the works but I think I need to take a break from the computer.
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Tonight's wine is a Terra Blanca 2005 Reserve Roussanne and it is soooo much tastier than the Chardonnay. It's a bit sweeter and not tart at all. I've already had three glasses! (Again, Bill doesn't necessarily like white wine.)

Here are the notes from Terra Blanca:

"A tropical sensation radiates from the glass through aromas of pear, ripe peach, and lychee nut. Ripe peach dominates the palate with hints of tropical fruit and lychee nut adding to the complexity of the wine. The bright acidity balances beautifully with the fruit to leave your palate refreshed and invigorated."

(I corrected the lychee spelling.)

Anyway, I am not good at these reviews or what I am tasting. I know I need to get better but I'm not sure how, exactly. I just know: do I like it or do I not? I can definitely taste the pear and peach. It's not tart. It doesn't have time to get warm in my glass like the Chardonnay because it is too delicious.

Love the Roussanne, Terra Blanca!!
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Tonight I'm drinking Terra Blanca's 2004 Reserve Block 5 Chardonnay. It's a $20 bottle and it's pretty good. I don't really like Chardonnays but this is nice. We found some crystallization on the cork and in the bottom of the bottle. At first I thought the wine might have gone bad (despite constant storage in the refrigerator that I hardly ever open) but after a few sips I decided it was not bad and was, indeed, pretty darned good.

After dinner, I found more information on the crystallization here. It made me feel better. :) Also, I'm the only one drinking this bottle since Bill doesn't really care for white wine and my parents didn't want any.

This wine is best very cold, though. Once it gets warm it gets overly dry (for me - I tend to like my white wines sweeter). It has pear on the nose and tastes of vanilla a little bit. This is not new territory for a Chardonnay.

My mom got me these great wine and champagne sealers. Hopefully they'll work all right.

Anyway, I think that's it for now.


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