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The house is clean.

Elliot Smith on the iPod. Candles on the fireplace. Sophia in my face. 1 bottle of wine consumed (so far).

Could life be any better?
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Today I had to take a client to the airport so I had some time to kill before picking up Sophia. I hit the Goodwill in Ballard which is usually a great place. It paid off. Not only did I pick up a few pairs of cute jeans and shirts for Sophia, but I scored three purses. And not just any purses. Designer purses.


A motherfucking Burberry, y'all!

How much did this cost me? $40? No. $20? Not a chance. Okay, okay. $10? Not even! $3.99. That's right. Four bucks for a Burberry! And it looks like it's authentic, too. Not like that jacked up stupid ass fake Kate Spade I bought once.

I thought about putting the Burberry last but I'm too excited about it!

Next up is a sweet purse from Kenneth Cole Reaction that will look much better once my crap goes inside of it to fill it out. This one was also $3.99!!

Finally, I got this cute purse by Guess for $3.00 (half off $5.99). First of all, the Burberry and Kenneth Cole purses had regular prices of $3.99 which blows my mind that a purse by Guess would cost more had it not been a blue tag day. I mean, WTF? I'm thanking my lucky stars, though. Anyway, here's the last one:

I initially got a tip from my friend, Tobie, who found a designer purse there as well. I can't remember what brand she found but she told me to look in this store particularly. Since then, I always examine the purses there carefully.

When I next sport these cute purses you know I'm going to be chuckling to myself because instead of spending hundreds of dollars for them, I got them on the cheap!

Project 365

Jan. 2nd, 2009 10:43 pm
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Bill's coworkers brought their sweet puppy pug, Edward, over when they visited. Everyone loved Edward! Sophia most of all, I think. :)
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Sophia's bento lunch today:

Project 365s )

No bath tonight. I'm wiped out.
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Tonight I picked Sophia up from daycare with her dollhouse in the car. She didn't see it (haha - it's behind her) and I'm thinking of giving it to her from Santa for Xmas. My friend gave it to me. It's really fancy but unfinished. I'm debating on if I should finish it or if I should give it to her as is so we can work on it together. Truth be told, she is a little too young for it. Anyway, we'll see.


Last night I told Bill I wanted to paint one wall in the dining room burgundy. He laughed at me. He asked, "What's wrong with the wall?" I said nothing is wrong with the wall but I want to paint one wall darker than the rest. He doesn't understand. I don't know if I understand but I still want to do it.


I'm making an interesting chicken soup for dinner tonight. I hope it's going to taste good. Pretty much it has a bunch of leftovers in it.
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I think it may be a little sparse even though she's only (almost) 3. I may add a satsuma in her lunchbag tomorrow morning. I am debating on posting it on [ profile] bentolunch since their stuff is all so gorgeous.

Also, here's dinner from tonight. Damn, I love this lasagne.

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Pasta with Safeway's vodka sauce (vodka is a theme tonight) and broccoli.

This is yummy. It's also the second meatless dish we've had this week. The vodka sauce is much better without meat than it is with meat.

Bonus pic of my sweet girl:


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