The Duchess

Jan. 4th, 2009 01:58 pm
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I just finished watching The Duchess. Total chick flick but I don't care. It's a pretty powerful movie and although Kiera Knightly is very much the same as she is in all her other movies, the other actors were very good. The costumes were gorgeous as was the scenery. And the music! The music was incredible. I might even get the soundtrack.

I'm sure my husband, were he awake to watch it, would have hated it.
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I just baked a lot of cookies. I think it might be enough, actually. But I need to go to the store and buy some parchment paper and bags to put my cookies in since I forgot them.

We're watching The X-Files movie right now. Everything the critics have said about this movie is absolutely correct. It's like CSI, not XF. Whomever wrote this just phoned it in. However, things have brightened considerably because Skinner just appeared on the screen. Hellooooo, Nurse!

The gag reel was the best part of the movie. It also drove home the crapitude that is Amanda Peet (with faint apologies to Peet lovers who may happen to be on my flist).
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"Gandalf, I'm glad you're back."

Me too, Frodo. Me too.

Project 365 photo brought to you courtesy of Lord of the Rings day!
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Thanks to [ profile] glaelia's mention of Guy Fawkes Day I decided to put V for Vendetta in. ^_^ How appropriate for my conspiracy theorist brain.

Oh, and [ profile] lethwellyn, I borrowed your words about gay marriage talking to some friends about Prop 8. I liked how thoughtful you were about it all (especially civil union v. marriage and separate but equal) so I wanted to pass that on. I'm disappointed Prop 8 was approved because IMO, people are people and if Joe and Bob want to get married that doesn't dilute my rights in my own marriage. It's JMO of course.
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We're watching The Machinist with Christian Bale. He is so painfully thin in this movie it's disgusting. It's really difficult to watch.

For Reals

Oct. 25th, 2008 06:27 pm
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So, we watched A Mighty Heart. Thankfully, they didn't show the beheading. I was bracing myself for it since it was an R rated movie. I am one of a few people who went to the internet and watched the video of Daniel Pearl's beheading. I know I shouldn't have but I did anyway. For some reason, the whole affair really clicked with me. I remember writing about it here in my LJ. Maybe I can find it...

How very strange. I have a semi-clear memory of writing something but I couldn't find it. :-/ Anyway, I have had this movie from Netflix for a couple of weeks now. It took me a while to get up the nerve to watch it. Aside from Angelina's inconsistent accent I thought the movie was pretty good. It was definitely worth watching if you were at all engaged by the story.
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We're watching Meet the Robinsons and even though I thought it was a Pixar film, it's not. Whew. This film is definitely not very engaging. Rufus Wainwright has a song in it, though. Hmmm.

I also have A Mighty Heart from Netflix. I need to watch it tonight or send it back. Problem is, as it's a movie about Daniel Pearl (and his wife, Mariane) I expect to bawl like a baby.


Sep. 24th, 2008 08:23 pm
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Wanna friend me on Netflix?

We watched Baby Mama a couple of days ago. It was pleasurable enough but not the HAHAHAAHAHAHOMGHAHAHAHAHA funny I really needed.
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Watching The Prestige again...

The past couple of times I have felt less sympathetic to Hugh Jackman's character than I was when I first watched it. (Although - and with apologies to [ profile] corianderstem - I find Hugh to be much more attractive than Christian Bale.)

This movie sticks with me. The other similar movie, The Illusionist also sticks with me. It's not so much the subject matter (magic) as it is the stellar acting in both movies.

Okay, we really need to watch Knocked Up now!!
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If you love music and have not seen the movie Hilary and Jackie you definitely should. Emily Watson is amazing in this movie.


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