Jan. 15th, 2010 06:49 pm
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Lush has its annual sale still going although I think it ends very soon. I had to exchange hair gel (the only product I don't like!) so I got a head start on the discounting. ;) Here's what I bought:

Big Tease (Return): -$16.85
Imperialis Cream: $21.95
Godiva Shampoo Bar: $9.45
Figs & Leaves Soap: $14.69
13 Soap (Unlucky for Dirt): -$13.83
Snowcake Soap: -$13.04
Angels Delight Soap: $15.87
I Should Coco Soap: -$15.12
Father Frost Soap: -$15.26

Subtotal: $45.11
Tax: $4.29
Total: $49.40

Not bad at all! I needed moisturizer (that's the Imperialis) and shampoo so the soap was just a bonus, really. ^_^
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I almost forgot!!!

Yesterday as I was driving home I decided to stop at Lush (shut up) to see if they had any Christmas packages left. If they would have, they would have been 75% off. They didn't. *sigh* But I did get a new shampoo bar to try (Seanik) and a new face cleanser (Coalface). More on that later.

I was walking really quickly back to my car which I had parked near Lola on 4th Avenue. On the corner of 4th and Virginia whom did I see? None other than Tom Douglas!!!


I was grinning from ear to ear. See, I have never met him but I know his restaurants and food are amazing and perhaps I feel a false sense of intimacy because I also listen to his radio show with Thierry Rautureau on Saturday afternoons occasionally. I wanted to shout, "HI TOM!" but I had some self-restraint. *grin*

Thierry, btw, has the sexiest voice in radio. He also has a face for radio. ;-D

Okay, so Lush. I used Coalface tonight and it smells weird. Very masculine. It smells of, well, charcoal and licorice. I moisturized with a different brand of moisturizer and my face feels so good right now.

All right. I think that's it now.
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It's very serious... )

Finally, this is a photo of all the Lush stuff I have bought in the past two days. This is not including the items I bought online. Eep! The only saving grace is the good sale. Ever since I discovered Lush in January of this year (2008) I have been waiting for this sale event! Stocking up is a good thing.

I swear I will not step foot in a Lush store for at least one month...!
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Here are the items that were in my Lush boxes! )

Dang...I need to take a bath now!!


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