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From a post by [ profile] strryeyedgrrl:

I know that I didn't exactly put my best foot forward with Stream of Consciousness Is Like Brain Vomit, but I'd like the opportunity to do better next week.

So, if you want to pour some pity on a girl, you can head on over here and throw me a vote.

The thing is, the difference between life or death (in this competition anyway) is so close, it's ridiculous. Dead last is only a matter of a few votes.

I know my entry was below par this week. I'd just like the chance to make up for it. So, if you don't think I suck entirely, feel free to toss me a vote.

Voting ends tomorrow at 9pm Pacific. I'm nervous like hell. Way to go, me, for having a crap week when the competition is this tight.


[ profile] strryeyedgrrl is a kickass writer. Don't believe me? Click HERE or on her tags for therealljidol for more writing samples.

It seriously only takes a couple of seconds to vote. JUST DO IT!
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Dammit, [ profile] cerabellum! You know that cake is sitting on the stove begging to be eaten before dinner!

Nuh uh. It's gonna have to wait.

I tasted both the cake batter and the frosting and OMG it's gonna be orgasmic.

I didn't have pecans and didn't feel like buying any so I used almonds instead.


Jan. 15th, 2009 09:00 pm
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[ profile] stemware has inspired me with his menus which are far more elaborate than mine. Well, he claims they're simple

In that vein, I have reserved several books from the library. They include a few books by Mark Bittman, Thomas Keller (French Laundry cookbook and restaurant), and Anthony Bourdain (Les Halles cookbook and restaurant). I really want to learn how to make good sauces. I want to try my hand at a soufflé. I'd love to bake more (cakes, pies, pastries, macarons!). Etc. etc.

I am freezing. I need to go to bed.
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This is the gift I brought to the cookie party for the gift exchange. Every year around Christmas time I get an awesome present from Maker's Mark. This year it was wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags. Sweet, right? So I bought a mini bottle of the whisky from the liquor store to tie onto the package. Inside the package was a snowman hand towel and lotion/shower gel set in some seasonal scent. The gift went over pretty well, which is good. I'm surprised, given how boozy our group is, that it didn't get picked as one of the first gifts, though. No matter. It was still cool.
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Thanks to [ profile] glaelia's mention of Guy Fawkes Day I decided to put V for Vendetta in. ^_^ How appropriate for my conspiracy theorist brain.

Oh, and [ profile] lethwellyn, I borrowed your words about gay marriage talking to some friends about Prop 8. I liked how thoughtful you were about it all (especially civil union v. marriage and separate but equal) so I wanted to pass that on. I'm disappointed Prop 8 was approved because IMO, people are people and if Joe and Bob want to get married that doesn't dilute my rights in my own marriage. It's JMO of course.
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From the Seattle PI:

Last updated October 30, 2008 8:23 p.m. PT
Two dead, four injured in Interstate 5 crash


FEDERAL WAY -- A man and a woman were killed and another driver was rushed to Harborview Medical Center in serious condition after a driver on Interstate 5 crossed the median into oncoming traffic and caused a five-car crash.

The driver, who was arrested for vehicular homicide, also was hospitalized in serious condition and two others suffered minor injuries.

"The trooper who went to the hospital said [the driver] had some type of substance in his system," State Patrol trooper Curt Boyle said.

The crash turned southbound I-5 into a parking lot during the last part of Thursday's evening commute. Only the southbound HOV lane was open at 6:45 p.m., and the backup eventually reached Seattle. The backup was expected to last well into Thursday night.

The man who troopers say caused the crash was driving a Chrysler 300 northbound near South 288th Street when he crossed the median.

The other patient in serious condition was in one of the cars that had a fatality, Boyle said.

The driver's identification and additional information about the deceased were not immediately available.

Of the state's 346 wrong-way crashes in the past six years, there were 42 fatalities at the crash scene.


Fucker. So, not only will the driver not get very much time (relative to the lives taken), there are two people dead, countless lives messed up, and (at least) four unhappy people who were not able to see David Sedaris this evening.

I know my woes are trivial in this and, believe me, I am very cognizant of that fact. The remnants of the car accident as we drove past were the worst I had ever seen.

There was this chilling account from

Ron Gascoyne, who was driving south on I-5 at the time, said the wrong-way driver came very close to hitting him, but hit the car behind him instead.

Gascoyne, a married father of four, said he can't believe he was not hit since he saw the car coming right at him.

"I swerved a little bit to the right, just missed me and hit the car (behind me) head on," he said. "I looked in my rearview mirror and the explosion -- it was unbelievable."

Can you believe this? I cannot imagine what is going through that guy's head tonight. I am willing to bet he held his family a lot closer, though. I know I am.
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How it's done... )

Now, serve! This soup was the most amazing turkey soup I have ever made.


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